Room Rates

Weekday Rates

Weekend Rates

Extension of booking*
(Hourly blocks only)
Full Day
9am to 6pm
Half Day 
9am to 1pm / 2pm to 6pm
Full Day
9am to 6pm
Half Day
9am to 1pm / 2pm to 6pm
room-small $495 $305 $935 $580 $250
room-small $1210 $715 $2310 $1375 $500
room-small $1980 $1155 $3190 $1925 $680
room-small $3960 $2310 $5280 $3135 $1080

Above rates exclude GST

Prices are indicated in Singapore Dollars (SGD)

*Base rate applies for bookings after 6pm

Room rates include:

Exclusive lounge access for arbitrators (For ADR proceedings only)
Complimentary coffee and tea at dedicated coffee corners
High-speed wireless internet access
Audio-visual and technical support
Individually secured rooms
Complimentary writing pads, stationery, iced/warm water and mints
Complimentary use of whiteboards and flipcharts
Complimentary use of projector and AV equipment

Additional services available on request:

Simultaneous translation / interpretation
(For ADR proceedings only)
Transcription services
(For ADR proceedings only)
Video conferencing
Catered food and beverages